5 STL Startups Help You Get Organized

    We round up some of the most helpful products from STL startups to help make your life easier.

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    This week marks National Get Organized Week (decided by The National Association of Professional Organizers) and despite the amazing apps, startups and products out there that operate with the sole goal of making our lives easier and saving us time, we all could use a little help in the organizational department, right?

    To celebrate, we’ve picked out some of our favorite physical products created by STL startups to help you get your life in line.

    From Need/Want

    Photo courtesy of Mod Notebooks
    Photo courtesy of Mod Notebooks

    Mod Notebooks
    Believe it or not, there are some holdouts who will always want the tactile experience of taking notes on paper—but need the resources of digital files in a tech-dependent world. Mod Notebooks are for those people. Order one, fill it out—take as long as you’d like—then mail it back (a pre-paid shipping envelope is hidden in the back cover). Within five day all of your notes will be scanned and digitized, accessible through the Mod app on your device of choice, and able to synch up with Dropbox, Evernote or OneNote.

    Photo courtesy of Smart Bedding
    Photo courtesy of Smart Bedding

    Smart Bedding
    Time is valuable, and if bunched sheets and a disorderly duvet are slowing you down in the morning, look into Smart Bedding. They’ve created a snap system connecting your sheets to your duvet so you can roll out of bed, flatten your duvet and be good to go.

    From Artifox:

    Photo courtesy of Artifox
    Photo courtesy of Artifox

    Artifox Desk 01
    This desk is personal workspace paradise. Handy hooks, mobile device docking stations, removable writing surface, a storage cabinet for unsightly power strips, made from beautiful maple or walnut for rightys or leftys…do we need to continue?

    Photo courtesy of Artifox

    Artifox Bike Rack
    A vertical rack that helps you de-clutter your workspace show off your two-wheeler of choice. Bonus: The rack looks just as good without a bike on it.

    And One to Watch: 

    Photo courtesy of Marco Tags

    Marco Tags
    The ‘Did I leave my…” after you’ve left your apartment never needs to happen again. Marco tags are perfectly-sized trackers you can attach to your must-haves. You’ll use your phone to create item lists and get alerts when any item is missing from the list. The hub detects tags and lets you know when you’re getting hotter. Launching this fall, if you sign up now you’re qualified for early bird pricing.