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VentureBeat’s BLUEPRINT 2018 Conference

Network Density And Resilient Ecosystem All Help Startup Cities Attract Catalytic Capital

When political leaders, corporate executives, and startups founders poured into Reno, Nevada for VentureBeat’s BLUEPRINT 2018 Conference, they were congregating to discuss burgeoning economic opportunity in America’s Heartland. One of those...

A Key Goal for Nevada’s Entrepreneurial Blueprint: Resilience in Tech

At the Venture Beat BLUEPRINT conference earlier this year, EQ contributor Luke Babich conducted a short interview with the Governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval. We discussed his vision for a “New...
VentureBeat’s BLUEPRINT 2018 Conference

Blueprints for an Entrepreneurial Future in America’s Heartland

The big question of 2018 is: how can America’s heartland -- especially cities that have been overlooked in the recent obsession with Silicon Valley and New York -- build an uplifting...

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