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Mayoral Town Hall

St. Louis Mayoral Tech Town Hall Brings Candidates to Venture Cafe

Last Thursday, February 23, eight mayoral candidates convened at Cortex during Venture Cafe for a St. Louis Mayoral Town Hall focused on technology and innovation. Here were the main takeaways.
Jamie Corley The Bridge

TheBridge Is Linking D.C. and Silicon Valley’s Biggest Minds

It seems as if different worlds intersect now more than they ever have before, and within those overlaps is where exciting gains, policies and ideas are located: It’s the middle of...

Disrupting Research Policy with Kendra Perry

Kendra Perry has a background in politics which comes in handy when she helps people like nanoscientists (scientist that studies really small materials) collaborate outside their lab. She’s currently the Director of Government...

Uber Update III – Political Stalemate Could Prolong Ridesharing Decision

Another week went by in the omnipresent ridesharing debate. There's been many things that unfolded--here are the most important ones. Wonder what happened before? Read EQ's first and second roundup. Saturday, August 22:...

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