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SixThirty Cyber

SixThirty CYBER, the St. Louis-based business development program that invests in cybersecurity companies, announced its 2017 cohort. Here are the details.
Midwest Cyber Center

The Midwest Cyber Center (MC²) announced a partnership with St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment (SLATE) to introduce the first Cybersecurity Analyst Registered Apprenticeship program to the St. Louis region.

We catch up with Jay DeLong, managing partner of SixThirty CYBER, on what's happening in St. Louis' cyber community right now.

Cybersecurity is scary. It’s utterly necessary yet nearly impossible to comprehensively understand. The reason for this is simple: Nearly every piece of information in the modern world is exposed to risk. In addition...

Jay DeLong is managing general partner of SixThirty CYBER. He also is a cofounder of Active Capital, SixThirty FinTech Accelerator, T-REX and former VP of New Ventures and Capital Formation for the...
SixThirty Cyber

St. Louis just got another accelerator. SixThirty, the St. Louis-based global financial technology (FinTech) venture fund and accelerator, just announced the launch of SixThirty CYBER, a cybersecurity-focused fund and accelerator that plans...

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