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Social Entrepreneurship More About the Ends than the Means

Many founders identify as “social entrepreneurs”, even while resisting a standard definition. Historically the label was applied to innovators developing solutions to society’s problems exclusively in the nonprofit space. The term...

Brazen Elevator Pitch Event Winner: Shayba Muhammad On Being In Flow

People are often told that in order to be successful, one must put aside anything and everything that does not directly serve your creative endeavors. This may work for some, but...

Brazen Global Expands Into Six U.S. Cities

Brazen Global, a membership organization for women entrepreneurs, is opening in six new markets: Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Fort Worth and Philadelphia. Brazen is expanding to unlock the tremendous potential in...

Startup Growth: Slow and Steady — Or Fast and Furious?

At Startup Connection 2017, EQ set up a live video studio at The Globe Building in Downtown St. Louis. The Globe Building is home to lightning-fast gigabit fiber running to the offices on...

11 SLU Alumni Who Are Impacting St. Louis’ Tech Scene

The entrepreneurial rise in St. Louis couldn’t happen without the foundation and support set by successful mentors and entrepreneurs who came before. Here are

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