Oliver Cox

Oliver is a Community Voices Editor for EQ and is engaged in new business development at Longneck & Thunderfoot. You can find him performing music at many local open mic nights.

Agriculture Is A Bellwether Industry; AgTech A Bellwether Of Change In The Heartland

Davos on the Delta just hosted its second three-day conference last week (May 15-17) at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis. The AgTech conference is run by St. Louis-based VC firm iSelect, whose aim is...

One Year in, the Ameren Accelerator Has Surpassed All Expectations

Offering a compelling combination of unparalleled infrastructure, experienced mentors, eager student interns, and $100,000 in seed funding, the Ameren Accelerator has been a gamechanger for St. Louis’ energy and technology startups. Last year, the utility...
ameren accelerator

News Flash for Energy Startups: The Power of Partnering with an Accelerator is Real

Given their capacity to connect founders to relevant mentors, candidates, and technology capabilities, accelerators provide energy startups with the operational leg up they need to thrive. Getting any startup off the ground is no small...

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